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Price insights

Outsmart your competitors by staying in control of price and stock levels

Pricing information you can trust

Our price matching feature is unique, thanks to a mix of automated matching and manual matching. The matching is performed according to a set of rules, which we construct together with our clients. This process offers the most accurate and personalised pricing information.

Why pricechecker is unique

Precision grouping

Easily match variants and bundles to give you a competitive advantage

Prompt info

Stock and store tracking obtain higher profit margins in time


Dedicated account manager to verify product URL match

AI analytics

We combine a mixture of machine learning and customised preferences to suit your business needs

Good company

Our proprietary algorithms offer unparalleled precision that’s trusted by the largest brands

Data that speaks

See a complete graph of your competitor’s pricing history so you can [[what?]]

Product bookmarking

Real-time inventory insight

Seamless integration

Product matching

Customisable API

Unlimited competitor tracking

Historical price monitoring

Custom flag rules

Radius targeting