Terms and Conditions

Last updated on 07/01/2020

Who we are

Price Checker is owned by Moonbow Media Private Limited, 71-75 Shelton Street, London, United Kingdom, WC2H 9JQ. We advise users to understand the Terms & Conditions beforehand surfing on the website and other pages. Once the user enters the website, he is liable to adhere to our terms and conditions irrespective of whether the user wishes to be a member of Price Checker or not.

Price Checker as a company can make changes to their Terms & conditions then and there, by updating this page. Continuous usage of the website even after the changes, will imply your acceptance towards the changes made on this page.

We encourage users to check this page whenever they visit our website to stay updated.


We work hard to make the website accessible to our clients and other users 24/7 and under certain events, Price Checker would not be responsible if the domain is not accessible for any period. Price Checker, without notice, can temporarily block the access of users to visit the site due to system failure or any updates made on the website.

Price Checker team would take all precautions to check that any product or material offered to the user is virus-free and does not contain any malicious code.

Usage of website material

The content, images and other materials displayed on the website is owned by Price Checker and its partners. Users are not allowed to utilise the content elsewhere without our consent. Removal of copyright content or trademark warnings is not permitted.

The content should not be distributed which may infringe the property rights of any partners or third parties showing them being unlawful, indecent, scandalous, dealing in pornography etc. which restrict people from entering in the website and damaging the brand and it partners reputation may be considered as a criminal offence.

Also, not to disseminate any materials which damage the computer functionality by creating viruses, trojan horses, worms or any other malicious codes.

Use of Software

The content copyrighted in the software which is available for download on the website belongs to the partners. Use of the software is administered by the terms of any licence agreement that is included with it. Do not install or use any software unless you agree to such a licence agreement.

Links to and from other websites

The external links on the website or application are for user convenience. If you are redirected to another website using those links, Price Checker would not be responsible for the content present on the website as we have not reviewed them.

You can link to the homepage of our website but with certain conditions.

  • you do not imply endorsement by us unless we agree on a written consent
  • you do not use the logo and trademarks of Price Checker website without permission.
  • you do not link from any porn, scandalous, offensive, controversial and other websites which are not yours.


Some part of the website needs registration and other personal details to access. While registering with us, you agree to

  • Provide true and accurate information about yourself.
  • Contact us using the contact us page to update the listed data.
  • When you register, you would be given a user name and password. These details should not be shared with anyone and have to be used solely by the user.

Trade Marks

The website design, header, footer, content, images, buttons and icons you see on the website are our own intellectual property. Using similar versions of the above without an agreement other than referring to us and our brand in a good way is strictly prohibited.

Privacy policy

The provision of personal information by you is subject to our Privacy Policy available as a link to this Website.