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the price and stock of their competitors

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About pricechecker
Analyse, in real-time, the price strategies of your competitors and distributors,
anticipate market changes, receive alerts and personalised reports and always be informed of all
price and stock changes in your sector.
Interface all this information with your own systems using our customisable API. Our Web API is for Brands and Retailers who needs only raw data for analysis.
How does pricechecker work?
We make our clients work easy with their product data in 3 simple steps
Importing product data via API from
your E-commerce platform or in a
csv, excel or xml file
Product data is then mapped
with your chosen competitors
automatically in the tool
Our tool then fetches the price
and stock of your competitors
Why choose pricechecker?
Real Time Competitor Analysis

Real Time Competitor Analysis

Fetch competitor information instantly!

99% product matching accuracy.

The fastest price & stock monitoring tool available for retailers.

Keep track of your Competition

Keep Track of your Competition

Monitor the pricing trends & behaviors of your competitors

Measure your competitor stock, promotions and more.

Track your price against any competitor including Amazon.

Price & Stock Change Alerts

Price & Stock Change Alerts

Be notified as soon as any competitor makes a change.

Find Opportunities to raise or decrease prices safely

Don't be beaten during key times

Why choose pricechecker?
Review 1000+ prices and stock
Gain access to prominent
vendor databases related to your products to
set the prices, availability and more
Stand alone application
Our application is a separate
pricechecker tool handing complete
control over your own data
Easy User Interface
Intuitive and clear User Interface
making it easy for our clients
to comprehend the application and
execute accordingly
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