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Stock Tracking

Smart inventory management against competitors product refresh

Product price comparison made easy

Keep an eye on competitors when they update new products on their ecommerce store and use that information to update your product information with ease.

With pricechecker, easily update your product information related to price, stock and promotions whenever your competitor adds a new product to their inventory management system.

How product rematching benefits retailers

Product Tracking

Our tool keeps an eye on your competitors new product launches, matches and notifies you on the same.

Stock Monitoring

With pricechecker, retailers can track their competitors stock online and instore and act quickly to market changes.

Dedicated Support

Our 24/7 support team takes all your headache and does the product rematching service at a nominal price.

Dynamic Repricing

Continuous, rules-based, price recommendation module which takes into account current competitor pricing.

Product Intelligence

Retail product intelligence supports product planning, product channelling, managing SKU’s and online product placement decisions.

Crucial Data

Gain insightful data analytics such as price, brand and attribute levels with reliable product matching precision.