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Product Matching

Match Your Products Against Your Competitors with unbeatable accuracy

Precision pricing is now possible with pricechecker

What took days now takes minutes! Our retail Ecommerce software makes our clients take their business to the next level by monitoring their products with competitors’ similar products and taking better advantage of the Ecommerce market to price their products and better inventory management.
What solutions does pricechecker provide for product matching
Product matching is the process of matching retailer products in terms of price and stock of competitor’s products with deep machine learning techniques.
Traditionally, retailers use attributes like SKUs, titles, brands to manually match products. Not only is this time consuming but also counterproductive especially since product data is unstructured text with varying information.
As price comparison wouldn’t be possible without product matching, the product matching also wouldn’t be of much use if it’s not accurate.
pricechecker is the best price comparison reporting tool that helps online retailer to manage and understand the price and stock of their products and also keeping an eye on their competitor’s products related to price and stock and be informed of the recent Ecommerce market trends and make better pricing decisions.
Product Matching Service
A complete automatch service, performing recursively, which matches the client products to their competitors with 99.5% accuracy at the initial stage of set up and makes Ecommerce retailers
Manual Matching Service
A matching service that is performed by our pricechecker’s experts by manually finding retailers similar products comparing competitors with 99.8% accuracy. This service can be performed at regular intervals or upon request.
Self-Service Model ™
pricechecker’s Self-Service model helps retailers to update competitor’s new product launches by matching the list of products with their own “all by themselves”. The accuracy of this model has proven to be helpful and also cost-efficient at the same time for our retailers. With this information, pricechecker helps retailers to be Ecommerce market ready and make better pricing decisions.