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Pricing History

Check trends for your product price and stock overtime against competitors

Watch trends to make successful business decisions
pricechecker’s “trending” feature helps retailers track competitors' price, stock and promotions from the time you add the product into our application. This helps our Ecommerce clients to make better business decisions.
Price and stock comparison made easier
Compare prices and stock of your products with your competitors and make decisions based on current Ecommerce trends to maximise the ROI. Our price history tracker frequently tracks your competitors 24/7 and provides updated product information

Historical price tracker makes it easy

Price Comparison

Get latest information on competitor’s frequent price changes on their products over the time to make better pricing decisions.

Stock Monitoring

With pricechecker, retailers can track their competitors stock online and instore and act quickly to market changes.

Product Watchlist

Bookmark your important products and keep a close eye on them with our product watchlist feature

Market Insights

Get valuable insights on current Ecommerce trends on your products to make better business decisions.

Trends Tracker

Compare your product information related to price and stock with competitors over a longer period of time.