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Real-time alerts

Get instant notification about price and stock change

Stay on top of the competition game
Every retail brand wants to compare prices of their products with their competitors to make the best pricing decision.
Most often companies with a variety of products find it difficult to keep a track of the price changes of the featured or best selling products.
Find the best category to focus on among different categories by watchlisting a specific set of products.
This feature is a useful add-on for companies with featured products that they want to focus on to make business decisions.

Why choose pricechecker?
Effortless Grouping
Easily organise your products into categories and hierarchies
Bookmark important products for easy navigation
Up- to-date information
A dashboard with updates about competitors’ prices and stock information on a regular basis.
Precision pricing
Target a specific location and pick your prices in accordance with competitors in that particular area.
Compare prices in few clicks
It is quintessential for businesses to get the right information at the right time. Most of the managers miss out on setting the right price. Receive instant email alerts and notifications of your selected competitors’ with superior features of pricechecker.
For each category a manager can be assigned to have a set of watchlisted products and use advanced filters.
This feature allows your business to focus on the important categories and important products and make immediate pricing action.