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Smart Rules System

Set custom rules to automate your pricing

Setting the rules to upgrade your pricing strategy
Retailers vary in their business goals and objectives. Price monitoring tool must allow the user to construct rules based on their requirements
With only pricechecker, you can set custom business rules. The smart rules system is an exclusive pricechecker feature that allows the user to set conditions based on their business priority and track competitor’s price and stock anytime!
Set the condition
Retailers can set custom rules at ease based on their business priority to monitor their competitors
Once the conditions are set by the user the products are matched against the competitors based on highest to lowest priority.
Once both the pre-set criterions of price range and stock position are set, the user can choose the competitors from the list.
The rules system functions on two primary conditions

Stock position: This condition will let the user choose if they want to know their competitor's stock position of in-stock or out of stock.

Pricing position: After meeting the previous condition, users can select how they want to display the products under the priority flag.

Filter products based on current stock position

Filter products based on price

Select competitors for which these business rules and conditions are being set up. (If none are selected, it is assumed that the rules are set up for all competitors)

Stock position of competitors.

Pricing position relative to our competitor.