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Competitor Watch

The most powerful way to stay ahead of market changes

pricechecker features

We are experts in price, stock and promotion monitoring, offering you the competitive advantage that you deserve

Real-time updates

See your competitor’s price and stock updates in a real-time dashboard

Effortless grouping

Easily organise your products into categories and hierarchies


Bookmark important products for easy navigation

Precision pricing

Target a specific location and pick your prices in accordance with competitors in that particular area


Review historical pricing data and track promotions over a period of time to identify trends

Alerts & notifications

Receive email alerts when a competitor is out of stock- allowing you to adjust your prices

Make better pricing decisions by monitoring the market with pricechecker

How will you benefit?

It is imperative for retailers to track the product information of their nearest competitors to stay ahead of their competition. pricechecker is a market leader in pricing analysis and provides you with the tools to stay competitive in your market.