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Case Study - Coach Travel Company

How a forward-thinking Coach Company increased their bookings and margins with pricehecker.

Prices that got everyone onboard

About the client

A UK based coach company who puts their customers first by scheduling similar trips together and matching them with the best local coach operators to reduce emissions and running costs.

How pricechecker helped

Our client was able to increase profit margin and increase the market share at the same time. With pricechecker in action, it took them few clicks to get the accurate market data to create the pricing strategy for the year.

Features that made a difference


Higher Capacity Bookings


Increased Margin


Return bookings uplift

Instant competitor analysis

With consumers booking on the go, the need to see competitor offers in real time was made available in one click.

Customised alerts

Our client received alerts to when competitors booking capacity had been reached, and alerts to adjustments in competitor price points.

Competitor promotional insight

Pricechecker allowed the ability to see competitor promotions as they happen, such as return journey discounts.

Travel reviews

Our client was able to adjust travel strategies based on the insight of competitor’s customer reviews via an easy-to-understand dashboard.

Historical competitor prices

Pricechecker allowed in-depth understanding of competitor’s pricing strategies leading up to and during peak travel seasons.

Easy interface

With a team operating on a multitude of tasks, our client required a UI that would enable quick decision making.